What is an EAP?

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are designed to provide resources for employees, managers, executives and the human resources department. All staff members may experience an array of issues which are likely to pose obstacles to their ability to perform at their best. Human problems often impact workplace performance whether they originate at home or within the workplace. An effective EAP is able to assist by helping persons develop coping skills, find solutions to problems and overcome these issues that may negatively impact capacity to perform, workplace effectiveness, attendance and team cohesiveness. The unfortunate outcome when staff performance deteriorates is that business suffers and the company’s bottom line, finances and profits suffer.

Benefits of BRIDGES’ Services

Our team provides services that benefit staff, by carefully evaluating the problem and providing the resources to resolve these problems. Many of these human problems result in cumulative stress for the individual and those close to the individual at work and at home. Employee well-being is crucial to the success of the company, business, department or team. Problems resulting in stress for the employee affect their well-being and their ability to do their jobs effectively. In addressing problems early the individual and the company avoid the unfortunate results that affect the person and the business. We stress that early identification and resolution of problems is the objective. Unhappiness can seriously impact quality of life and the underlying problems need to be addressed restore well-being, productivity and improved quality of life.

1. Minimizing employee stress levels

2. Assisting employees challenged with anxiety, unhappiness and depression

3. Resolving interpersonal conflict

4. Increasing team cohesiveness

5. Helping employees cope when experience traumatic events occur

6. Grief management

7. Providing advice and skills in coping during crises and periods of transition

8. Support during periods that can be destabilizing such as the COVID 19 pandemic

Issues which produce increased stress levels resulting from issues at home or the workplace may produce a spectrum of unwanted effects:

  • Worry, poor concentration
  • Depression
  • Absenteeism
  • Poor relationships at home and at work
  • Substandard quality of work and decreased productivity
  • Errors at work
  • Accidents
  • Irritability and unexplained anger
  • Reliance on alcohol and other substances

The Bridges Team provides a service that is available 24/7. Bridges can be accessed for Emergencies, and scheduled appointments for individuals and groups from a department or team.

Bridges is available to visit departments and teams on site, early in the day, or after usual work hours if necessary.

How can the team be contacted?

The Bridges Team is accessible via email, telephone, cell phone and whatsapp.

We are available to provide sessions via the telephone, video conference, on site, and at your office.

Phone:and whatsapp +1 (242) 359-3399
Email: help@bridgesbahamas.com

Information for managers and the Human Departments

Management referrals may be made for employees to be benefit from an assessment and further sessions if needed.

Where the Bridges services have been contracted; employees themselves may confidentially access the Bridges Team directly. In these circumstances they can be assured that their information is kept safe. The Bridges Team is widely respected for its professionalism and confidentiality.